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From Tony himself. He states the following very well.

An open letter to beer drinkers:

If you are spending any of your time today talking or posting about the latest commercial from the world’s largest brewer during the most watched television event of the year, then you are absolutely doing exactly what they knew you would do and all the money they spent was totally worth it for them. And I think you are wasting your time.

You knew they were going to do it, then they did it, and now you are telling whoever is listening that they did. I can assure you the same thing is going on at their HQ today, but at least they have something to gain from it. More than I knew that they would make another commercial that craft beer fans would be up in arms about, I knew that I’d be reading posts about it today in every beer group I follow.

We shouldn’t give a shit what Peyton Manning or anybody else is drinking after the game because it doesn’t fucking matter. That beer you are drinking is the one that matters. And that small brewery that you wish he would have said, well they matter too. So maybe stop giving the big brewer tons of mentions across the internet and just keep talking about the small brewers and beers you do like. Or do you not know how this thing works?

If you love football, you have to understand that football is, in many ways, about money. And the Super Bowl is about a shitload of money. Giant global megabrewers have shitloads of money and they pay for the Super Bowl. And even though “craft beer” is growing all the time, it’s safe to say that easily 3/4 of the beer drinkers watching the Super Bowl prefer a mass produced American Light Lager, the biggest percentage of them preferring the one you are all talking about. This shouldn’t come as any surprise. Of course the world’s largest brewer is going to keep advertising to their largest demographic and flaunting their dominance, poking fun at the craft brewers and drinkers who, in fact, poke fun at them ALL THE TIME.

“Macro” beer is never going away. Not in your lifetime, or even the next. Get over it. They aren’t scared, they are strategically planning just like any other global corporation does. They are not going to be overtaken by the revolution of independent beer either. They are a business, and they are the best in that business, and they will make money because that’s what they do. Their product is beer, but it’s really just a commodity.

Move on.

Keep supporting breweries you like and telling people about the beers you like. Stop wasting your time shit talking any brewery, or anyone for that matter. It’s just your opinion, like this whole rant is just mine. I promise, we’ll all be a little better off with more positive opinions and less shit talking. I promise.

If you love beer, then get to know the people who make your beer. That’s something the macro guys could never offer you. Support your locals and discover new locals in other locales when you travel. The best beers have a very short life span between grain to glass. The more you drink, the more they’ll get to make. Never forget that.

Now get out there and enjoy a beer you like from a brewery you give a shit about, and have a badass day.

Tony Drewry

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