I do love some chocolate ales and porters. Now, regular ol’ chocolate… not such a huge fan, but I will admit that I love some snickers on occasion. However, in my beer I do like (from time to time) a hint of chocolate, preferably dark chocolate with a touch of espresso. Sam Adams delivered for me. Their Chocolate Bock was a solid beer. Not an all star beer, not something that I would go out and buy a six pack of, but it was very pleasant to drink, and I rather enjoyed the experience. I would recommend it, especially if you have just succumbed your taste buds to yesterdays beer.

If you can name that movie, you are doing better than most. Better yet, write in that little comment box if you know it, let me know that you know my random movie quotes!

This evening I want to take a look at Buffalo Bills “Americas Original” Pumpkin Ale. I don’t pull any punches folks, I’m going to shoot straight with you, and tell you the good, and the bad. This beer.. is terrible. The absolute worst pumpkin beer that I have ever introduced to my taste buds. I would rather drink a 30 pack of Keystone than have to succumb my palate to this ever again.

Today, on our fourth day I want to look at possibly the only beer to get a speeding ticket on the way to the grocery from the brewer. To allow you an unbiased perspective (As I myself have been guilty on occasion of indulgence in speed) I give you Mr. Scott.

I realize the beer is called “Racer 5” However, I couldn’t live with the “perfection” of using it for tomorrows beer of the day.

Bear Republic Racer 5

Three hundred and sixty two more beers of 2012.

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If you are current on my blog here, you would recall that the only “trinity” although unholy as it was… that I have drank was the Demon series from Avery brewing. I discussed my battles with demons previously (here)

I need to get a picture of the three of them together, however his two brothers are currently in storage.

Samael the demon.

363 more beers for 2012! Aren’t you excited?

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A beer that is immortalized in story, as well as in form. Sisyphus, as I discussed here is a beer than has been aging quite a while. A 2007 brew that I drank back in September. I drank a second one on New Years proper, as my proper first beer of 2012. It is just as good now! If you beg me nicely… I “might” have another bottle around here.

Sisyphus 2007 Barley Wine

364 more to go!

One of my favorites, Kelpie by the Williams Brothers Brewery in Scotland. A brew made with actual seaweed. You can read my initial impressions of it here.

Enjoy. 365 more to go!


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