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Alrighty, you’ve had a couple of days to simmer and think, and to recover from all the amazing craft beer that you consumed during the Superbowl. Let’s look at a commercial that is getting a lot of attention.


Now, there seems to be quite a bit of backlash and folks are turning this into a political spectacle. The commercial was actually filmed long before the election, but lets not let politics poison our beer.

While I am not the biggest fan of what has become ABInBev, I found the commercial in good taste and not a swing at craft beer like they have done the previous couple of superbowls. The story of Anheuser and Busch is actually a pretty good read. In fact, if you want a relatively brief overview, check out “Ambitious Brew” by Maureen Ogle. It is a solid overview of beer in America. It covers both macro and micro and when read with an open mind it will give you an appreciation for some of the original big guys that paved the way.

What did you think of the commercial from a beer perspective? It shows a passion, it shows a drive, and it shows the initial meeting. Now, that is wholly fictionalized, but it sure made for some good tv.

Don’t go be picking up a sixxer of Bud Light now, but definitely check out some of your local craft lagers. Perhaps the brand new San Antonio Lager from Ranger Creek, Alamo Pils, or if you need a solid national brand Upslope has a Craft Lager that is quite delightful.

Appreciate the seemingly simple, for they are more complex than most folks realize.


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