As a means to give to you the reader the most balanced view that I can, from time to time I will be featuring guest bloggers to share their thoughts on particular brews. Scott Plattsmier is one such guest blogger whom I suspect will be contributing a good bit of content for your enjoyment. Scott and I met, in a bar in College Station Texas while we were both on a quest to complete the O’bannons Taphouse Beer Tour. We soon discovered that we had similar passions for drinking great craft beer. So without further adieu, here in his own words is Scott.


I’m not sure where to begin, so a brief background is as good a place to start as any. I’m attending Texas A&M University where I’m majoring in Economics. I grew up in NW Houston and moved to College Station in 2006 for school. Like most other college students I went to my share of parties and such, where Keystone Light was always in healthy supply. When I turned 21 I decided to try a new beer once a week as well as collecting their bottles. Although I haven’t kept to that schedule entirely, 20 bottles led to 50, 50 led to 100, and I haven’t stopped since.
I’ve never said no to a new brew, but some definitely appeal to me more than others. Porters and DIPA’s are at the top of my list; Porters for their malt and richness and DIPA’s because, well, I can be a bit of a hophead. Doppelbocks and Tripels are also pretty high up there. I can appreciate certain characteristics of nearly every style, so I don’t have any dislikes per se. I’m also a fan of trying coffee and fruit-infused beers, although the latter can be extremely hit or miss. Basically I love bold and unique brews. Hopefully this gives some insight into my preferences.
Blake and I have stayed up many nights playing dominoes, enjoying some craft brews, and discussing everything from beer news and trivia to solving global issues (Liberal arts majors – Whoop!). I’d like to thank for allowing me to be a part of this exciting project.
Thanks and Gig’em!

– Scott


  1. It’s a pleasure to be on board, sir.

    Comment by ScottP August 31, 2011 @ 13:17
  2. I found just what I was needed, and it was entertiainng!

    Comment by Kassie September 18, 2011 @ 14:38
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