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Trois Pistoles

And it sure is rather delicious. A dark ale, malty and sweet, but not to the extremes. It poured an excellent head, has a medium-bold flavor, and weighs in at a modest 9% ABV. I’ll be honest, I havn’t had a lot of Unibrou’s products., but I have always enjoyed them when I did. Their Maudite was phenomenal, their Grande Reserve was tasty and delicious, their Trois Pistoles is no different. This brewery knows what they are doing (and they do charge a premium for it, but it is worth it). We just so happen to have it on sale this week at work so I managed to drop $33 on two beers and a pizza…. (The pizza was $6.99).

I would recommend getting this brew, especially if you can find it at a local HEB this week on sale. It set me back somewhere in the neighborhood of $9, but for the size, complexity and ABV is well worth it. Now, will it go well with my pizza? I’m not sure just yet, but I figure that it can only add to the flavor.

This beer is unique it its own way, whilst it poured a hefty head and dark carmel / mocha color, it has a medium-midweight mouth feel. Impressive for a beer of this size. This is a beer that I would probably share with friends, and I would even venture that your girlfriend would like it too. It doesn’t assault any of your senses, no hoppy kick, no overly malty feel, and most importantly nothing like anything that you ever drank out of a keg at a college party.

Check this one out y’all, I mean it.

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