I tend to choose the off the wall beers. I mean really, how can a person, in good consciousness “choose” to drink the horsepiss that is known as Natural and Keystone Light? Bud, Miller, and Coors are not far behind in the race to the bottom. I do not care what the market shares say (Search for my post on Free Beer). I just plain do not care for these “pop-beers”. So, that being the case… If I am to attend a party, or river trip, or an event where my glass bottles of premium brewed nectar of the gods is not allowed… Well I am faced with a pair of choices. The first is to not go. Frankly, I don’t like that option. The second is to find an alternative brew to satisfy the constraints of society. Now, I personally am not one to drop a glass bottle in the river, or shatter one at the beach, or even in a bar. However it seems as though over the years some of my peers have stooped to that level.

So what do I drink in these instances? Well, to be honest, I choose beers that I find not necessarily “unique” but beers that I know not a lot of the general population will drink. If I show up with a couple of boxes of Bocks, I am going to be uber popular, and being the nice guy that I am, I will share my beer. So if I intend to actually drink my own beer, and not pay a small fortune for a large quantity, Shiner is right out. This is where two of my steadfasts come in to play. If I can find it… I will buy Pearl. Now… benefits of Pearl, it is relatively inexpensive, and no one has ever heard of it. This means that it is safe from consumption in a fridge that contains everything from Bud Light to Corona, to Keystone to Milwaukees Best. In other words, I get to drink the beer that I brought and not have to be worried about it all disappearing before I get to grab my second or third brew.

Another beer that I will take to parties is Tecate. Not only is it fun to watch people pronounce it, but it is also generally seen as a .79 cent beer and no one wants to grab it. However, truth be told I would rather have a Tecate than a Corona, or a Dos (Unless it is the Amber Dos). This beer not only brings the prestige (if you can say that about Tecate) of sophistication, but it also packs a different flavor than the usual horsepiss in the half empty cans laying around the house when you show up. It gets people asking questions about that little red can.

Thirdly, but not least, a beer that while is not the most flavorful, not the cheapest, certainly not my first choice in usual drinking… But that will always have a special place in my heart, and liver is Lone Star. Now, my bond with Lone Star is mainly because it is what I dunked my Aggie Ring in on November 25th 2009 (See, it stirs up memories from the soul). But the fact that even after drinking an entire pitcher of it in a matter of seconds, I can still drink it to this day.

So in summary, if you are going to drink cheap beers. Go for something out of the ordinary, shake things up a bit, try something outside of your comfort zone. PBR, Pearl, Lone Star, Tecate, etc. You may just be surprised.


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