I have had this sitting in my inbox for a couple of days and finally had time to post it for Mr. Scott.

Scott Plattsmier
Review #1 – Racer 5 IPA

For my first review, I thought it would be fitting to go with one of my favorite styles. This led me to Bear Republic’s Racer 5 IPA. I had heard many great things about Racer 5, so it had serious standards to live up to. It exceeded all expectations.

As I poured Racer 5 into my glass its bold, hoppy aroma hit me almost immediately. It was truly beautiful after running around in the Texas heat all day. Then the color: a clear, honey gold with a nice single finger, snow-white head. This IPA had a fragrant floral and subtle citrus nose. I couldn’t wait to palate this beer. Its simplicity was refreshing. A short grapefruit/orange peel citrus was quickly followed by intense floral notes and a lingering hop bitter, yet amazingly smooth finish. I would not recommend this beer to someone who can’t appreciate a little hops, cause this brew’s got a ton (four types, actually), and at 7% ABV this medium-full bodied IPA was quite drinkable. In fact, I confess, I couldn’t stop at just one.
All in all, Racer 5 was a true palate pleaser. I loved its high drinkability – especially for a bigger beer – and for only $10 a six-pack this new favorite of mine is still reasonably affordable, even on a student’s budget. Cheers to you, Bear Republic!

Feel free to comment and share your opinions on Racer 5, we’d love to hear from you! Also, this is my first ever review, so if you feel I missed something please let me know and I’ll do my best to improve on it next time.
For more information on Bear Republic Brewing Co. and its products, visit www.bearrepublic.com.

Now, I can mirror most of what Scott notes, Bear Republic makes a hella good IPA, and if you are the type of person who has sworn off IPAs due to their bitterness and hops (You may have been influenced by the Miller Lite commercials if you don’t think beer needs to be bitter). then I highly recommend that you try this brew. It will rock your world and show you that IPAs can be just as smooth as a porter. If you enjoy your IPAs, and have not had this one yet, again, I highly recommend that you try it I guarantee that you will love it. If you don’t…. then send the unopened bottles to me and I will enjoy them in your stead.


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