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This morning I want to talk about beers that were questionable, but quite pleasing when you began to drink them. Now, I have had a handful of beers that I just kind of looked at… made a weird face (For those of y’all that know me, you know the face) and then drank anyways. I mean, hell, it is beer, it has to be good right? (Correction: It SHOULD be good, it is not always…. *cough* Abita). To be specific, I want to mention Monks Cafe. They have a brew, a “Flemish Sour” that is a red ale and quite tasty. Now, when I originally saw this bottle in Specs, I thought to myself “self, we have not had a Flemish Sour before… BUY IT” (That really is my thought process from time to time). A Flemish Sour… I mean, obviously it has to be sour right? Isn’t it Miller Lite that talks about never being bitter? This “Sour” concept went against the media, and everything I knew. From years of talking to home brewers… and reading about home brew… They all say that you don’t want a sour ale right? I mean honestly, who aims to make a sour brew? Well, I decided to buy it to try it. Let me tell you something… well if if you don’t want to “let me” I am going to tell you anyways. All these doubters were wrong. Sour CAN be good. Now, the beer itself poured red, I do enjoy a good red ale (Lookin’ at Killians, Rahr and Sons, etc [Not Sam Adams!]). Now, this is not a beer that I would constantly keep in my fridge, but to shake things up, it is an EXCELLENT choice. Now, what makes the brew sour? an assortment of differing lactic bacteria are introduced into the brewing process. Now, as with all beers, these bacteria will not make you sick unless you overindulge and bring sickness upon yourself. So, if you are looking for a change in pace, something to balance out those Belgium dubbels and tripels… even a quad if you have those laying around, I would highly recommend the Monks Cafe Flemish Sour Ale. Check it out.

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