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Welp, there’s one way to kick off a Thursday.

More thoughts later as I am on the road all day.

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Ken Goodman is in fact one of the founders of Karbach. CR Goodman (Chuck Robertson, (Ken) Goodman) ran a very successful and important distribution company throughout central Texas for many years. They were responsible for bringing a lot of the craft beer to the State.

It is my understanding (and someone correct me if I err) that upon selling their rights of distribution to brands such as Dogfish, Sierra Nevada, Shiner, etc in Texas, that they then founded Karbach Brewing in 2011. However, they could not own the distribution company in Texas alongside a brewery (Thanks TABC). It’s intriguing to me though that they sold the Colorado portion of CR Goodman last month and then announced the Karbach sell today. I imagine that the timing is not random as Constellation Brands just purchased the Modelo brewery (to go along with the distribution rights they had previously) from InBev earlier this week. I’d imagine that the DOJ will allow this acquisition as InBev reduced market share enough by selling off Modelo.

A major congratulations to Ken, Bennett, Chuck, and Blake. They reached paydirt and I wish them the very best for their next venture.

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