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This is pretty nifty and innovative. Martin House Brewing Company introduces us to 2-pack boxes. One of the coolest packaging ideas that I have seen lately.

What are some of the coolest packaging ideas that you have seen / heard about that are coming down the pipeline? I like Founders Brewing Co. 15 packs.

On the flip side of the coin, what are some pack sizes that you have seen that just don’t work as well as one would think?

To me, it truly depends on the style of beer and price point. Frankly, some of these breweries try a one size fits all approach and it ends up not appealing to their base, and not appealing to folks looking to try new beers. You have to be smart with packaging. That is why we have seen the 12oz 6 packs become the golden staple of the industry. A distant second would be the 16oz 4 packs. However, with retailers consolidating more and more shelving units for uniformity, it makes the best business sense to double pack the shelves with 6 packs instead of a single stack of 16oz cans.

Maybe someone reading this will comment from their retailer perspective?

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