Comments Off on Analyzing Budweiser’s Hypocritical, Anti-Craft Beer Super Bowl Ad

I wanted to try and not offer commentary on the “shots fired” ad yesterday. But I have had too many people asking my opinion on the attack ad and the hypocrisy presented by Budweiser.

So, here. http://www.pastemagazine.com/…/valuable-lessons-i-learned-f…

The article is a pretty good summation of the ad, the attack, and the approach being taken by Budweiser in the aftermath.

So, here is my approach to the issue at hand.

Consumers will not stop buying AbInBev products. AB owns too many distribution channels and shares in craft breweries to feel the pin prick of an angry consumer whose voting with his or her wallet.

This step requires research and will not be feasible for 95% of craft drinkers, nor will it have the desired effect even if followed. But I say the following.

Let your wallet show your displeasure with AbInBev. Not only will I not be purchasing Budweiser, or Bud Light, or Bud products but I will try and reduce my spending dollars spent on any distributor that carries their products. This course of action takes dollars from craft breweries who sign with AB distributors, but it also takes dollars out of the hands of Brito’s conglomeration.*

Research your local distribution chain and learn which breweries are carried by AB/Bud houses. Vote with your wallets.

Now, here’s the kicker on it, especially here in Texas I can find many craft breweries who are distributed by brands NOT the bud house which means in some counties Deep Ellum is a fair purchase, where in other counties buying my Deep Ellum Pale Ale puts dollars in ABs pocket.

So, in summation, Consumer Beware. Vote with your wallet. LEarn your local distribution chain.

Or, be blissfully ignorant that your craft dollars may well be funding future hypocrisy campaigns from Budweiser.

*Yes, I realize that I bought some Bourbon County Coffee just last week. Bad on me for doing that.

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