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Alrighty, here is my take on what is going on right now in our Texas legislature.

Representative Thompson has authored / filed a bill into the Texas legislature that would cripple self distributing craft breweries in Texas. Mandating a maximum production of 5000 barrels a year (down from the currently allowed 40,000, which is down from 75,000 that we had two sessions ago).

This bill has been pinned H.B. 3389, and rep. Thompson has received tens of thousands of dollars from corporate distributors (Anheuser Busch money)

Here are her campaign donations. See anything fishy?…/…/00020791-senfronia-thompson/

Here is the link for Texas Beer Alliance, and who they are.

Open the Taps press release

(Link to proposed atrocity)…/8…/billtext/pdf/HB03389I.pdf…
Here is my letter to Rep. Thompson.

Representative Thompson,

I understand that you have filed a bill that would cripple small businesses in the craft beer industry in Texas. I am appalled that you would consider such an action that is such a blatant attack on business, especially in the State of Texas.

Texas has become well known throughout the world as a state that values businesses, both large and small.

Your authorship of H.B. 3389 is a slap in the face to tens of thousands of individuals that work in the thriving craft beer industry in Texas. This industry contributes over 2.3 BILLION dollars to the Texas economy and is projected to contribute over 5 BILLION dollars by 2020.

Your support of this crippling legislation would take a growing industry and halt its progress. You are taking money from hard working, tax paying, vocal and VOTING craft beer individuals and redistributing it to corporations owned by foreign corporate conglomerates.

I, a voting and vocal citizen implore you to reconsider your actions and remove this atrocity of a bill from the consideration of the Texas legislature.
Jeffrey Blake Murrah


I encourage each and every one of you to write your representatives and representative Thompson and respectfully show your disdain.

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