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Enjoying a craft beer is much akin to listening to a well written song. It can happen sitting in a bar, a festival atmosphere, or on your back porch while watching the deer.

It touches the soul, it becomes ingrained in to your person. You don’t forget it, you think fondly upon it countless times in the future and at random times.

Make sure that you hit that replay button on your favorite beers too. Don’t get caught up in this Untappd phenomena where you have to drink each beer only once and a beer without a check in is a wasted beer. That is not, nor should it ever be the case. A good beer is a good beer, regardless if it is the first, or fortieth time that you have had it.

Your repeat purchases of that beer are what helps the brewery keep its lights on. It’s what allows for more of that nectar to reach more people.

I encourage you to drink what you enjoy, furthermore, drink local. Keep your dollars in the local economy and in the local craft scene. Help it flourish and grow.


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