Shiner released a new beer this past week. Now… If you didn’t know, I am a Shiner fanboy. I live for Shiner. I don’t really care if you don’t like it, I do. Shiner has been my introduction into beer. You better believe that it was the Spoetzl brewery that I visited first. I named my dog Kosmos. It was my collection of Shiner Bock bottles that is the foundation for this very site. I have a 3’x5′ Shiner flag that hangs on my wall. I “might” be a fanatic.

So, every time that I hear Shiner is releasing / has released a new brew… YOu can bet your bottom drinkin’ dollar that I am going to search it out, and find it. I will scour the markets, annoy the owners at my local beer joints, and well… find the beer. So, that is what I did this past Saturday when I heard that Wild Hare was coming out. I heard rumors that it wouldn’t be out until 2/3/12, so when I saw one of my friends had acquired this brew before then I was in shock. I had to have one for my own. I found a six pack in Kyle, Tx and naturally brought it home. I let it chill for a little bit as it is a little jaunt from Kyle back to here, and I still had some more driving to do at that point so I couldn’t “quite” indulge in the beer as soon as I got it home.

However, upon opening it… wow. It is phenomenal. Absolutely stunning. An amazing example of how a Pale Ale should taste. Especially one that has Shiner on the label. Now, it is not very “pale” it pours a rich amber color and has a sweet malt flavor, a nice touch of hops, and full, well balanced flavor, albeit more sweet than bitter. I imagine this beer will go very well with barbecue, or a hamburger. At least that is how I intend to pair it this weekend.

Now, there is a 103 on the label of the beer, does that mean that it is this years offering from shiner for their commemoration series? I for one believe that it does. It is surely worthy of the enumeration. Hopefully we will see more new beers from Shiner this year as winter here in Texas is nearly over.

Go ye therefore and find this brew and purchase it, and indulge in all of its glory.


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