Honestly, let us get to the point. That IS why you are here right? For my opinion on beer. If it was just your opinion, well, I would be reading your blog. So, what beers do I just absolutely keep stocked in my fridge? Well, the answer is not all that straight forward. I do keep Shiner Bock in stock though. In addition to that, you are liable to find anywhere from ten to thirty different beers in my fridge or warm shelf. These beers vary from new beers (ones that I have not tried yet, or that are new releases) to old faithfuls (beers that I just keep because they are so amazing). I even have some beers that I can’t drink yet, “The Abyss” by Deschuttes for example. I have heard rumors that it is supposed to be one of the top five beers in the world. Why haven’t I drank it you may ask? Because 1. I need a special occasion for it. 2. It has a best AFTER (yes, after, not before) date on it. 3. The best after date is mid-November, so I am going to save it for my birthday this year.

As a general rule, I enjoy my Bocks, and Porters. Albeit not in that order. I love a good Marzen, and frankly am oftentimes surprised at the quality (or lack thereof) from some of my favorite breweries on a year to year basis. I shouldn’t be surprised, every years vintage is slightly different dependent on the malts, hops, yeasts and so forth of that agricultural year. Let us take Shiners Smokehaus for example. Smokehaus, which is made with smoked mesquite is a Helles style lager. These beers are light in color, and tend to be brewed in the Summer for a refreshing, light taste. This beer in 2009 was phenomenal! One of my favorite Shiners. I could drink two or three in a sitting, but any more than that just wouldn’t work. It had a delightful smokey flavor that went well with my countless barbeques and cookouts that summer. It also went well with pizza. Shiner brought it back in 2010, and in 2011. Both were disappointments in my mind. Neither vintage possessed the same pizzazz that made the 2009 so awesome.

So, what is my favorite porter? I couldn’t even tell you that. I have had some really good ones, and some that left me wanting to wash my mouth out with gasoline (Here is looking to you “Wild Blue” and “Purple Haze”). Breckenridge Vanilla Porter is awesome, a very smooth, wonderfully mellow vanilla flavor that finishes very calm. Real Ale puts out a “Coffee Porter” now we are talking, two of my favorite things in the world, coffee, and beer. A very smooth porter, but with the kick of coffee. They use Katz’ coffee in the aging process, and the result is one of my choice porters. Another excellent porter, just so I can round it out is Sea Dog’s “Hazelnut Porter” a very nice culmination of hazelnut, with carmel undertones and a smooth finish.

Allow me to interrupt, who am I kidding, this is my blog I will write what I want, when I want. I am currently drinking a beer from “Kelpie” it is a Microbrewery in Scotland. The brew that I am indulging in is a “Seaweed Ale”. You did in fact read that right, a seaweed beer. Ladies and Gentlemen, this beer, OMG. Phenomenal. I read the label before I popped the crown (proper term for bottle cap). The beer is a throwback to the early 19th century when Scotish brewmasters would fertilize their fields of barley with the fresh Argyllian seaweed. This modern day representation however is slightly simpler, the barley is roasted and the malts added to the beer, and in the “mash” process, the “Bladder Rack” seaweed is added into the batch. The aromas that you have tickling your nose as you walk out onto the porch of a beach house in the early morning and that first salt spray touches your skin under the sunrise… That is what this beer tastes like. Not salty, but the experience. It is refreshing in the sense of freedom, with a taste of the sea, mellow and a slight tingle in the back of your throat. If you can get your hands on this microbrewed Scotish Ale, please do.

I enjoy trying off the wall beers, as you can see from the prior paragraphs, hazelnut porter is not something that you will normally find in the beer section at your local supermercado, and an ale that is made with seaweed doesn’t exactly fly off the shelves at your local Specs. If you have any off the wall beers that you have tried, please let me know! (BeerWithBlake@gmail.com) Rest assured, if I can get my hands on it, then I will certainly try it, at least once.


  1. If there is a beer that taste like walking out of a beach house in the morning i want one!

    Comment by Calico August 31, 2011 @ 00:47
  2. Hi there, I believe your website may very well be acquiring browser compatibility problems. When I seem at your site in Safari, it seems great but when opening in World wide web Explorer, it’s got some overlapping. I just needed to provide you with a swift heads up! Other then that, great weblog!

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  3. Frnkaly I think that’s absolutely good stuff.

    Comment by Ruvell September 18, 2011 @ 02:33
  4. […] 0 One of my favorites, Kelpie by the Williams Brothers Brewery in Scotland. A brew made with actual seaweed. YOu can read my initial impressions of it here. […]

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